5 Ways Instagram is Ruining Your Connection With Nature

5 Ways Instagram is Ruining Your Connection With Nature


Nature is always on a humble journey. Nature continues to thrive in its ever shrinking space, but it has to put in a significant amount of effort to do so. Our society has become obsessed with the instant gratification that nature brings us, and only for us to exploit it for likes and followers.  Before you read this article, take note that I am picking on myself for losing my connection with nature, but I think these lessons of self-awareness I’ve learned can be applicable to most.

  1. No Respect for Your Mother… Nature

The perfect example of this is standing on the edge of a dangerous summit or cliff without a harness or rope in order to get a photo. What you’re actually doing is creating a culture of risking one’s life for likes and followers. You put your life on the line without respecting nature and the fact that one misstep or one gust of wind can be the end of you. One can appreciate a photo from a summit, but do so in a safe manner that respects Mother Nature, and does not encourage the younger generation to ignore their personal well-being.


  1. You’re Narcissism Makes Others Resent Nature

I have had just a few conversations with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances alike, in regards to self-loathing individuals who hike or go the mountains to instantly communicate and ensure that everyone knows how much they love the mountains, how often they get to hike, how many summits, and the list goes on. Although you
may be so stoked and excited about your personal accomplishments Hikingkeep them at bay and let the conversations come out organically. Your goal here should be about encouraging other’s based on the feelings you get about going to the mountains not about all of the things that most people cannot comprehend. Put it in their eyes and be a good listener, stop talking at people and rather converse and inspire a new community of outdoor enthusiasts. Remember everyone has a different amount of responsibilities and even if they try prioritizing hiking or outdoor activities it may not happen as much as they like… and trust me you have to know they’re working on getting better at it!


  1. Nature is Always in the Moment and You Never Are – “I’ve got 2-5 postable photos mindframe”

Going to the mountains to take a photo to leave and loving the nature you visited after on your iPhone or computer. This is just as bad as going to a city’s airport and saying you’ve been to that city. Or even going to a city’s major and most obvious landmarks and just getting the photo to over edit it later. Be present. Enjoy the time with friends and be patient and get creative! I understand the need for consistency in your posts on Instagram, but your intentions are extremely apparent through your photos. What it tells is the consistency in your surface level appreciation of nature. However, this can be also mistaken for individuals who want to go to Canmore or Banff to enjoy their time in the city and by all means that’s okay!


  1. You Only Know Instant Gratification, Nature Only Knows Delayed Gratification – See the disconnect?

When you follow avid hikers or explorers on Instagram, they are often going to locations that they have wanted to explore for years. They have spent countless of hours in discussions with other explorers in person or online. A common comment on Instagram is the ask for the “Where EXACTLY is this?! How do we get there?!” However, the beauty of the outdoors is you can still find hidden gems through discussions with locals and just organically by surrounding yourself in the outdoor community. The progression of adventures takes time so don’t skip the journey. You’ll get there in due time, work for those location coordinates. That preparation I previously mentioned involved doing your research before going on a hike, my advice ask Google, ask friends, then ask others (have about 80-95% of the knowledge before you discuss save them time).

  1. Nature is Creative but You Undermine it With Clichés

This one really hits home for me. I think of myself as a creative person who attempts to do things differently and not sell out. There are many photos that are absolutely stunning and composed extremely well that get no likes, because no one takes the actual time to appreciate that individual’s work that they put in to composing the photo and waiting for that lighting. I can confess I have done this of course to get followers because I see the results on other Instagram user profiles and if it works for them it will work for me! I quickly stopped that thinking. Let me tell you the epiphany I had the other day: Uniqueness and style are only created with careful attention to the detail in every photo and appreciation for composition. Don’t be afraid to add uniqueness to your photos and galleries at it reflects personality.


I know this article is a bit negative so let’s focus on the good stuff, not the stuff I listed 😉



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