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Jenni and Chase
Jenni and Chase Vegan Adventurers


Chase Teron Photographer
Chase Teron Photographer and Internet Marketing Specialist

About Chase

I’m an entrepreneur by heart and I love bringing ideas to fruition, including this website! I’m a travel backpacker who has experienced 24 countries to date, all of which I financed on my own. I’m a self taught professional photographer who started just 2 years ago. My instagram here has 24,000 followers, join the adventure and follow along! I enjoy golfing, playing hockey, hiking, yoga, wakeboarding/wakesurfing – all lake activities,  runner (I ran a half in 1hr 44min last year), crosstrainer/lift weights, and I like to try all sports – brand new into Muay Thai this year.

I’m artistic and before photography I was an portrait, landscape artists but I enjoy the social and physical aspects of photography a lot more. Reading is also another passion of mine. Jen and I love to venture out to new places and we cannot wait to share all of our tips and tricks to traveling the world, and being vegan. I’m a new vegan (8 months into my new vegan life) and I have learned so much from Jen and so can you!

My areas of expertise include:

Photography, Videography, Editing, Writing, Web Design, and Online Business Development.


Instagram @chaseteron and 500px Photo Gallery Here


Jenni Lisacek Explorer
Jenni Holistic Health Practitioner, Photographer and Artist

About Jenni 

Hi! I’m Jenni, I am a holistic health practitioner and artist. I am absolutely in love with what I do. I have studied health and wellness from a holistic perspective for over 5 years and it is my greatest joy and biggest passion. I am also passionate about nature, yoga, travel and being creative and expressive through art (mostly drawing, painting and photography). I love all animals, but I  especially adore cats. I also love to indulge in reading, writing, deepening my spiritual practice and learning new things. My blog posts are primarily lifestyle oriented focusing on the the highlights of my travel adventures and daily life in hopes to inspire others to go out and create a deeper connection with nature, live more naturally and compassionately, and to follow their passions and dreams. On my blog, you’ll find some of my favourite go to healthy vegan recipes, holistic health articles, travel journals, showcases of my artistic creations, tips and tricks to help you maximize your experiences while travelling and a bunch of other odds and ends that i’m passionate about. You can also find me on Instagram at @jenninaturally. On my page you can follow the beautiful moments that Chase and I have captured together as we travel the world and do the things we love. If you are interested in one on one holistic health coaching please email me directly at jenninaturally@gmail.com


Instagram @jenninaturally

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Happy Healthy Travels Photographers

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Jenni and Chase




  1. Met Chase and Jenni in Costa Rica during an opportunity to teach local students about the environment they live in. They really got the children enthusiastic about the event. Check out the photos. It was a great time for all.

    1. Hi Barry and Ximena!

      It was amazing to meet you both in such a great setting. It was a memorable morning that’s for sure 🙂 We are editing our photos now and will send you them as soon as we can

      Chase and Jenni

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