Do Not Travel Just to Travel – Find your why then your how to

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This article will answer how to travel and discover your why for traveling

Let’s take a step back here and discuss a question in which I hear often “How do you travel?”

The short answer is you create ‘a why’ and ‘the how’ will follow.

In order to travel you need to enter a new mental state. A state that you can see yourself evolving, growing, and being a better person because of that amazing travel experience you went on. Attempt to foresee and feel that feeling of true accomplishment that you didn’t just travel to travel. You put in the hours and hours of effort to perfect an itinerary, to align your current resources (finances/relationships/career) so that everything came together in a synergistic formation of a dream travel experience that you will never forget. You will never forget these types of travel experiences because they are rooted in who you are. That country, that city, that foreign place is a part of your mental and physical configuration.



I make it a priority for my personal development goals. If you do not make it a priority, time will continue to fly by and in blink of an eye there goes your International experience for that year or time period. A common place to go from here is identifying how you are going to make it happen. So in addition to creating an overarching goal of wanting to go to a new country every year, or a new place, you will need to get more specific. As I mentioned, I always put traveling under my personal development goals rather than recreational or personal goals. Identify what you want to learn or develop while you are on that trip or a specific experience you want under your belt. This makes that dream very real. It becomes easier and easier to visualize yourself there. Cut and paste photo examples as well.

Then you need to create subset goals and actions to ensure that goal has no way of falling through the cracks. These sub heading goals can be for example: approximation of trip cost (flight, room/board, other) and your budget for the trip then how much each paycheque you need to save, what equipment you will need, and who you will be with. This is where your resourcefulness comes into play. If traveling is actually your priority, you will find a way to align your current position.

Being resourceful is a trait developed by those who have earned their successes rather than being gifted. It is a life skill that ignores education, upbringing, and past work experiences and/or talents. In order to travel and pay for it on your own you will need your full energy, focus, and determination intact.

I want to further discuss the point “Do not travel, just to travel.” I have traveled a fair bit paying for my way every step of the way. I am proud and feel accomplished, but also the feeling of being far from done. Because as much as you can anticipate or try to focus on developing/learning a certain set of skills you will always come out with life lessons that you can never truly foresee. However, if your reason for travel is to learn and develop and you take the time to learn about the culture you are going to be immersed in, you will have the travel bug for all the right reasons. I don’t endorse the idea of traveling to turn your brain off and just party and go with the flow. I have had sections of trips like that and sure that is more than okay, but you can see people who have traveled for 1 year or more who have fell into that mindless zombie state.

“Life isn’t about what happened, it’s about what you make happen”



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