Fresh Thai Spring Rolls

This is one of my favourite lunches or snacks to eat.  They’re so fresh, crunchy, healthy and easy to make. The best part about these spring rolls is that you can get creative and customize them completely to your liking- if you don’t like an ingredient, replace it with something you love! If you’re fully raw, you can swap out the noodles for bean sprouts and the rice paper for lettuce leaves and it will still turn out amazingly delicious.

What you will need

rice paper wraps or lettuce leaves
rice noodles (vermicelli) or bean sprouts
bell pepper
fresh thai basil
hoisen sauce for dipping



Place rice noodles in a medium size bowl

Heat water in a kettle and pour over the rice noodles until they are completely submerged in the hot water

Leave them to soak for about 1 hour (or cook on stove according to package instructions if you want to speed up the process)

Thinly slice all the fresh vegetables into long and narrow slivers

In a large deep plate such as a pie plate, pour some boiling water and some room temperature water so that it is 1/2 and inch deep (note: you can also stop kettle before it boils to get the best temperature for the rice paper. You want the water to be hot enough to soften the paper but cool enough that you can still touch it without burning your fingers)

Dip your rice paper sheet in the plate one at a time so that is it fully covered in water and leave it for about 10-20 seconds or until it becomes flexible and completely soft

Dry the rice paper sheet with a clean tea towel and place on a plate

Add in all the yummy sliced veggies and fruit and roll the paper up like a burrito

Dip in your favourite sauce and enjoy!



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