Green Cleaning Basics to Improve your Health

Adopting green cleaning methods are so important for your health, the health of your family and pets and the health of our earth. Traditional cleaners are not made from safe, health promoting ingredients, so why not use alternative green cleaning products that are! Common house hold cleaners often contain warming labels that demonstrate how hazardous they are to inhale, touch, absorb through the skin, consume and to lay latent in our homes. Repeated exposure to these toxic chemical soups has been proven to cause a whole host of health issues including headaches, migraines, coughing, runny nose, skin rashes, eczema, red inflamed skin, sneezing, brain fog, low mood, hormonal imbalances, taxed organs, fatigue and much more. It is especially important if you have young children and pets to adopt green cleaning methods because of their small size and the fact that they are often on the ground, putting things in their mouths or are handling objects that have been cleaned with toxic chemicals. The good news is that this is all extremely easy to avoid, and that there are some huge benefits to switching to green cleaners. Besides making your home safe and allowing you to feel your best, using biodegradable alternative cleaning methods help the environment and reduce your risk of developing various cancers or hormonal inbalances. In addition, by making your own green cleaning products with the recipes below, you will be able to save a ton of money and space because you will not longer have a whole cupboard full of different chemical concoctions. Instead you will only have a few small, inexpensive and multipurpose items.

What You Need to Get Started


1 bucket
3 spray bottles
1 mop
1 pack of reusable cloths or sponges
2 mason jars

Only 5 simple multipurpose Ingredients

White vinegar
Baking soda
Dr. Bronners Magic Soap- I prefer to pick up the Baby Mild Unscented so I can add my own essential oils to small batches and make the soap more versatile.
Essential oil(s) of choice

Top 4 Essential Oils Guide for Household Green Cleaning

Lavender is a natural antibacterial and it’s also is known to improve mood, relax the body, reduce stress and alleviate headache pains. Lavender is very beneficial for the skin and it’s one of the most practical essential oils to keep on hand. 

Tea Tree (melaleuca oil) is a natural anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal, it’s really good for removing odours, repelling insects and treating mold and mildew build up.

Lemon is an amazing cleansing oil, natural anti-microbial and powerful odour eliminator. Its energizing, uplifting and refreshing scent makes it perfect for adding to a batch of cleansing solution.  

Eucalyptus (a personal favourite) is a natural antibacterial and a really good option for anyone who suffers from allergies because it helps aid in the breathing process and increases oxygen flow throughout the body. For that reason, it’s also a great option for anyone who suffers from asthma, congestion and sinus issues. Eucalyptus smells incredibly fresh and it’s useful to cleanse and purify the air as well as eliminate unwanted odours.

All of these essential oils are 100% safe and actually beneficial for the skin, unlike the majority of all cleaning products. Together, these essential oils make the perfect disinfecting alternatives to the harsh chemical soup that most mainstream chemical products contain. All of the oils mentioned above mix well with one another and are perfect if you want to create a great smelling and effective cleansing agent without any of the harmful side effects that toxic chemicals would have.

Note: It is important that when you are purchasing your essential oils that you are looking for 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and not fragrance oils. Click the name of each oil above to get the same oils I use. A 0.25 fl oz size bottle of each is recommended to someone who is just starting out with essential oils, because you are only using a few drops at a time. For more information on essential oils, view my article here.

Basic DIY Cleaning Recipes

Room Spray-  add 2 cups of water, 5-10 drops of desired essential oils to an empty spray bottle and label.

Window Cleaner- add 2 cups of water and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or 1 cup of white vinegar to an empty spray bottle and label.

All Purpose Cleansing Spray- add 2 cups of water, 1 cup of vinegar and 5-10 drops of desired essential oils to an empty spray bottle and label (I usually use lemon, peppermint or eucalyptus) This cleanser is great for cleaning areas like counter tops, the shower, sinks etc.

Floor Cleaner- add 1 litre of warm water, 1/3 cup of white vinegar, 10-15 drops of desired essential oils to a bucket and soak your mop in solution.

Wood Floor Cleaner- add 1 lire of warm water and 1/2 cup of Dr. Bronners Magic soap to a bucket and soak your mop in solution.

Kitchen Sink- use all purpose cleansing spray recipe with a bit of baking soda. Let it sit for a few minutes and scrub off with sponge.

Toilet Cleanser- pour a bit of vinegar and baking soda or a bit ofDr. Bronners Magic Soap in toilet bowl. Let is sit for 5-10 minutes and scrub with toilet brush.

Other Green Cleaning Recipes

Dish Washer Detergent- add 2 cups of washing soda, 1/2 cup of sea salt, 1/2 of baking soda, 1 cup of citric acid to a mason jar and scoop as needed.

Laundry Detergent- add 2 cup of Dr. Bronners Magic Soap, 1 cup of washing soda, 1 cup of baking soda, 5-10 drops of desired essential oils to a mason jar and label.

Vegetable Wash- fill a clean bucket with 4 parts water 1 part vinegar to remove wax, pesticides and harmful bacteria. Let fruits and veggies soak in mixture for 10 minutes, then rise clean with water.

Yoga Mat Cleaner- add 1 1/2 cup of water, 4 drops of lavender essential oil, 1 drop lemon to a small empty spray bottle.

Other tips

  • Air out house often by opening windows through out the house
  • Use an essential oil diffuser
    I am obsessed with these. I have a few in the house and I also got my family and friends hooked on these. They are a great natural way to make your house smell clean and fresh. I love to use mine while I sleep and meditate.
  • Vacuum and surface clean often
  • Get an air purifying system
  • Use non-toxic candles
  • Get a water purifying system
  • Lay stained items in the sun to bleach naturally
  • Allow laundry items to air dry on flat surfaces or on a outdoor close line

all to reduce the build up of dust, debris and allergens as well as minimize the need for deep cleaning and harsher cleaning agents

If you have any green cleaning tips and tricks of your own share them down below!

Thanks for reading and as always, stay happy and healthy:)

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