How to Choose a Travel Destination – Part 1: How to Book a Cheap Flight

“How to Choose a Travel Destination – Part 1: How to Book a Cheap Flight”

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When I have completed my research for what I want to get out of the next trip and the possible locations, in which that experience is offered, I know utilize the online travel databases. Travel databases and search engines have come extremely fair even since I started my (overseas) International travel from 2012. This is the apart of the trip planning and global travel that becomes unique to you, because it involves your budget. The more research you do in the previous step, the more flexible you can become and the greater chance you will find your dream trip within your budget.

Most of you may be saying “I just have to find a cheap round-trip flight and I’m good!”. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Don’t forget you have to pay for a roof over your head and food and sometimes those specific experiences you’re looking to do, offered as ‘excursions’ at the destination of choice.

So first things first let’s help you get sorted with flight travel. I currently do not use any affiliate links but the websites I recommend for this are:

What if you don’t know just yet? This is why planning 5 months to 12 months in advance is essential! I’m going to introduce you to two of my favourites (the 2nd one only applies to Canadians). Subscribe and sign up for these emails and you will be well on your well to educating yourself of what is a “Great Deal” for a flight

  1. – flights to everywhere, based on your local airport. An ideal subscription service for those who just want to view deals on a weekly basis or so to gauge the cost of a trip to a certain location. Once you have an idea you can go on this site which is like a super hub scanning all the smaller hubs for flight deals similar to


  1. Chris Myden – (flights out of Toronto) (Flights out of Calgary) and (Flights out of Vancouver). This guy is an absolute gem – a basic summation of his site is he will post these incredible deals he finds and send you a once in a while email only when the deal is insane!


Okay future global travel extraordinaire, if you know or have narrowed down your travel destination to 1-2 ideas use the following websites to compare! Again, there are no affiliate links currently in this post

  • – for some reason I have used this site more than any other when booking flights. They always have promo codes from anywhere to $10 to $50 off as well.
  • – This is a decent site for a quick reference to the calendar if your dates are flexible you can find the cheapest dates on the calendar then takes those dates and go to other hubs to compare
  • – this is another good hub with price protection for an unlimited price drop which you and I should take advantage of. I did book a flight on just back across Canada and I was a bit early and sure enough the price dropped and I didn’t get any credit.
  • – this is good for searching but it can be a tedious check the box, open the window and exit the window process


To summarize the how to find cheap flights post it’s all about building the knowledge to know what is a good deal or not. Insert cliché “Knowledge is power.” But hey it is! If you want the most out of your vacation from Step 1, learn about what is a reasonable deal but using the above technology. I also wouldn’t compare with your friends unless they had an outrageous deal, then of course ask, but different time ranges mean drastically different prices as well as how far in advance you book.

One last thing! Another reason why I favour Chris Myden’s site is that he looks for the multi-city flights which are great for adventurers and for folks who need help booking a trip to see multiple locations in different countries for a very affordable price! He focuses on “The How” and teaches you some valuable searching skills



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