How to Eat Vegan While Traveling: Meal Five in the JUCY Camper

My first true vegan love… Acai Bowls. As you can probably tell this is Chase writing this intro to our last of our documented meals while on our US Road Trip in our Jucy Camper! This is how to eat vegan while traveling like a true expert, ‘Rockstar Traveling Vegan’ status. There is one thing you need to bring in order for your on the road acai bowl dream to come true… you need a portable blender. At home we live and die by our Vitamix so while road tripping for two weeks we figured we couldn’t go wrong by bringing our small portable blender. In addition to a blender you should also purchase an inverter to be able to charge camera batteries, laptops, and use your blender of course.

We were in San Francisco heading down Highway 1 to Los Angeles so we needed some fuel for breakfast. We hit some amazing stops along the way in Big Sur including McWay Falls. Here’s McWay falls that we shot for sunset! Photos below are from San Fran and then McWay Falls



Jenni not loving the San Francisco “summer”


Full House Painted Ladies


Not quite a picnic but we reminisced about our childhood with those Full House flashbacks


Before the sunrise we had to say goodbye to the Golden Gate!


The Golden Gate taken the evening before!


To make acai bowls for our vegan breakfast or for a vegan snack here’s what you have to do… we stopped at the grocery store to pick up these items:

Frozen acai




Organic Apple Juice or Fruit Juice or Sugar in the Raw to sweeten

…Yup that’s all you need!
















































Next you need to warm up the frozen acai and we did this by boiling water in our JUCY Camper then gently pouring it over the packages of acai to soften up the ice acai brick. Next up you blend the acai with the fresh juice of your choice then you put the desired amount of granola, add your fruit, add your sugar in the raw if needed and you are set! Not the prettiest of acai bowl pictures but holy were they amazing. We are coining this term before they get extremely popular with those who rent the JUCY Mini RV’s… Nomadic JUCY Acai (“Brilliant” – Chase)

jucy acai-1


If you’re planning a road trip through the USA (or other destinations) and looking to rent a JUCY Mini RV, you can visit their website here Traveling while maintaining a vegan diet and lifestyle is not an easy task, but with the JUCY Camper you will be in complete control of your vegan life! Thanks  to JUCY for helping us make this road trip possible. Follow them on social media @JUCYworld

campe-11 (1)

Comment below if you have a secret ingredient for vegan acai bowls! Or also comment if you agree that the name that Chase gave the acai bowl is absolutely perfect


Jenni and Chase

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