How to Eat Vegan While Traveling: Meal Four in the JUCY Camper

Hey Folks! Thanks for joining us again for our fourth installment of how to eat vegan while traveling while we were on the road in our JUCY Mini RV! ( Our fourth meal on the road that we recorded was brussels sprouts, red potatoes, brown rice and salad. We were camping at Bryce Canyon the night we made this meal and we had just hiked the Navajo Loop so we were exhausted and dying to dig into a big meal. This one, unlike the previous Sedona Vegan Bowl, took some more time as the veggies in this one take a big longer to cook. Also because Chase had to wash the dishes… he may have skipped it last time.

We truly believe the most underrated park in this area is Bryce Canyon. It’s often over shadowed by Zion NP, Arches NP, and even Canyonlands NP. Take the extra time and go to Bryce Canyon and hike down in the hoodoos. The views looking down in the canyon are incredible, but down in the canyon is where you see the true beauty as massive coniferous trees line the hoodoo walls in what looks like an inhospitable environment. Also if you are here during a New Moon that is your best chance to witness the Milky Way rotate around the sky and through the hoodoos. It’s truly a site to see!


jucy bryce canyon-2

Step One: Boil the rice (use the lid, it will save your stove fuel!)

jucy bryce canyon-7

Step Two: Chop up the brussels sprouts and potatoes so that they cook faster.

jucy bryce canyon-4

jucy bryce canyon-8

Step Three: Add potatoes and sprouts together in a pot with seasoning. We added rosemary, a bit of sea salt and pepper. Cook over the stove for about 20 minutes (depending on stove strength).

jucy bryce canyon-3Jenni taking a cheeky peak to see if it’s ready yet

jucy bryce canyon-11

The finished product! jucy bryce canyon-10

Two happy campers about to dig into some food.

Thanks for reading! We love to hear from you. Leave a comment letting us know what your favourite camp food is.

If you’re planning a road trip through the USA (or other destinations) and looking to rent a JUCY Camper, you can visit their website here Traveling while maintaining a vegan diet and lifestyle is not an easy task, but with the JUCY Mini RV you will be in complete control of your vegan life! Thanks  to Jucy for helping us make this road trip possible. Follow them on social media @JUCYworld

Jenni and Chase

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