How to Eat Vegan While Traveling: Meal One in the JUCY Camper

We’re not going to lie, eating vegan while traveling and while on a road trip is a whole lot easier when your car has a fridge, sink, fully equipped mini kitchen, and two stoves. Hitting the road in a JUCY Mini RV made our lives a whole lot easier! The first thing we did as soon as we got our JUCY camper van was fill it with food so we could snack while we were on the go. Our first meal in our 5 blog series of eating vegan on the road during our 14 road trip through California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada is a satisfying favourite that were pretty sure everyone enjoys.. Pasta! Specifically, we made whole wheat organic penne with a marina sauce and fresh veggies. With these 5 blogs we will show you some easy to make healthy vegan meals and tell you about the cool spots to visit in the areas.


We drove from Los Angeles to Palm Springs then up to Joshua Tree National Park! There are several campsites to stay at especially in the summer time because it’s extremely hot. We found a perfect spot, slightly shaded by the Joshua Trees. Joshua Tree National Park is beyond unique. It offers some of the most out of the world landscapes this planet has to offer. The best spots to go are all along the main road and take the turn offs when you see something inspiring and you must definitely check out Arch Rock.

While on the road we snacked on fresh fruit, almonds, and drank plenty of water. The first thing we did once we reached our campsite was to set up the JUCY camper elusive Penthouse. We love how it’s similar to a tent and the wind breeze can pass right through and cool you down. All you do set it up is to unlatch the metal latches and then turn the crank slowly until your penthouse is standing tall. Now on to the good stuff… the dinner!

To start, we cut up some onion and let that heat up in our sauce pan with a tiny bit of water until it got translucent. Then, we added in some fresh bell pepper and tomatoes and let that cook for a few minutes. (I strategically made Chase cut up the onions)


We boiled the pasta for 9 minutes on the JUCY camper built in stove. The JUCY Mini RV comes with two stoves, there is one built in then the next one is portable. They both use the same fuel and when you first get the camper you get a free fuel canister. Not a bad deal at all! After the pasta was perfectly cooked (This was all Jen) we then added in the marina sauce to the heated veggies in the sauce pan and voila! Within 15 minutes we had a filling, healthy home-style meal in the middle of the Joshua Tree desert. This type of meal is a great staple for the vegan camper because you get the necessary carbohydrates with the whole wheat pasta to restore your energy, fiber from both the pasta and the onion, tons of vitamin C from the bell peppers, onions and tomatoes (which is essential for maintaining your immune system when you don’t sleep like Chase), antioxidants from bell peppers and the antioxidants are also increased when cooking the tomatoes (compared to raw tomatoes), and vitamin A and B6 from the bell peppers. Chase also added Sriracha which is an absolute staple in his vegan diet.


If you’re planning a road trip through the USA (or other destinations) and looking to rent a JUCY Camper, you can visit their website here Traveling while maintaining a vegan diet and lifestyle is not an easy task, but with the JUCY Camper you will be in complete control of your vegan life! Thanks  to JUCY for helping us make this road trip possible. Follow them on social media @JUCYworld

If you have any questions about the camper please write a comment below

Jenni and Chase


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