How to Eat Vegan While Traveling: Meal Two in the JUCY Camper

Good morning Joshua Tree! The very next day while at Joshua Tree at the Hidden Valley Campground we decided to document the most important meal of the day… breakfast! This quick article will give you all the tips of how to eat vegan while traveling… the vegan lifestyle while you’re not at the comfort of your own home can be tough, so we’re here to help!


Oatmeal is the breakfast of all breakfasts! It is super easy to make, extremely filling, energizing, loaded with nutrients and it’s extremely affordable. That is why it’s our go to breakfast when we are on the road. Oatmeal provides the necessary carbohydrates to energize us for the day. Even though our favourite breakfast at home is smoothies and big bowls of fruit, oatmeal is a better alternative when were hiking daily because it gives us sustained energy and keeps us full longer. Let’s also not forget we are going to some wicked places in our JUCY camper each day so spending time meal prepping is not what we want to be doing! 

Before we discuss how we made our on the go oatmeal, we will show you some photos of the night before when we were out adventuring in the middle of the night photographing the Milky Way and the incredible landscape formations around Joshua Tree.



Now to the Oatmeal! First step was for Chase to gather the ingredients from the JUCY Mini RV’s compartments and fridge while I boiled the water on the built in stove. We added the oats to water and brought it to a light boil then reduced the heat and continued let it to cook for approximately 5-8 minutes. We like to add almond milk, cinnamon and tons of fruits in as well so grab whatever ingredients you like and stir them in.

What you will need:

Quick oats – we prefer whole oats but when on the road, these will cook faster
Dates- this is your whole food sweetener, better than any sugar!
Almond Milk

You can also add these if you have them available to you on the road

Ground Flax
Chia Seeds
Maple Syrup (Woop! Proud Canadians here)

jucy oats-1

If you’re planning a road trip through the USA (or other destinations) and looking to rent a JUCY Camper, you can visit their website here Traveling while maintaining a vegan diet and lifestyle is not an easy task, but with the JUCY Mini RV you will be in complete control of your vegan life! Thanks  to JUCY for helping us make this road trip possible. Follow them on social media @JUCYworld

If you have any questions about the camper please write a comment below

Jenni and Chase

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