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Booking a place to stay! Hotels? Hostels? Resorts? Campsites? So many confusing options… well not really. It’s easy, stop being lazy with research.

Believe it or not, the roof over your head is typically what destroys or puts a serious dent your budget. Well this and food/booze. For this article we are going to assume you are not an all-inclusive type of person, well mainly because I don’t ever plan on writing any articles for you folks on my site. Sorry, but not sorry. This site let me remind you, is for individuals who want adventure and who either have a budget or loosely have a budget (but do not know how to research properly).

First let’s make a big assumption and say we are going to Costa Rica. What I first want to ask you is, if you are really on an adventure holiday do you want to be spending a lot of money lounging and hanging out in a fancy hotel and have an excuse to relax rather than enjoy your temporary getaway? I understand you have the budget to get a hotel, but a huge reason why you go to travel and seek adventures is for the thrill of not only seeing and experiencing amazing scenery but meeting amazing people. So I will always be biased towards hostels. Don’t worry there are many private options.

When searching for hostels I typically use or (these are not affiliate links).

Okay so we’re using fictional dates, however, I’m choosing a date in the future, today is November 24, 2015 and I’m pretending like I’m going to Costa Rica on February 12 to February 26th. This is just a random two week vacation, typical length for most out of school, new to corporate – employees.

Here are my results ranked in the order of highest rating, which unlike hotels you can do without gasping at the first site of the price per night. Just for your information, Costa Rica is more expensive than more of the Central American countries and again these are the results:

Costa Rica 1

Costa Rica 2

Then when I just changed the region or city within Costa Rica, boom, of course a tree house would pop up. This is exactly the type of place I would stay in, when I go to Costa Rica. It’s around $67 USD/night, or $85 CAD/night which is dirt cheap for such a rad experience! I know our Canadian dollar is absolute shit right now.

Costa Rica 3


Let’s do some intense math here. So intense that some people neglect this and realize it way after the fact they over paid. For example if you stay at one of the ones in Liberia, Costa Rica let’s say the Fabulous 8.7/10 Hospedaje Dodero which a dorm room is $10.23/night for 14 nights that’ll cost you approx: $143.22 USD +tax/fees or a private is $13.64/night  $191 USD for 14 nights.

Or if you are like me and sometimes just don’t give a shit and want a cool/unique experience and like to start a story off “So I stayed in this treehouse in a Costa Rican jungle…” that story will cost you approx: $945 USD +tax/fees at $67.50 for 14 nights. Seems expensive hey? Well let’s remember, we’re using the base of hotels here not hostels.

Now in contrast, let’s go to (not an affiliate link) and let’s do that exact same search. Remember, highest rating first.

holtes rica 1

hotels rica 2

hotle rico 3

Alright, again, we’re taking the top rated one in Liberia at $101 (on sale) for 14 nights and we’re at $1414USD and for San Juanillo between $752 – $4000 (but nothing available close to the tree house offer). No story worth telling ever started off “So I was staying at a Best Western in Costa Rica or was it a Hilton? Anyways…” Catch my drift, when you go for an international experience, get the international experience and don’t look for globalized standardization, you Walmart loving bleep bleep

With a hostel typically you are not as sensitive to cleanliness, comfort, safety/security. However, that being said it doesn’t me you forego them. Each hostel is rated based on all of these aspects. How you plan for this is to ensure there are lockers available on site with your own locks, security safety boxes, hostel customer only access to sleeping area, and that it is in a good neighborhood where you can walk around safely.

A hostel would cost you 10-25% of a hotel typically and when you do your research you can be confident and sure you’ve chosen the right places. It just takes time to read the reviews and from there you can make your own judgement. Additionally, all of that money you have saved can go towards new experiences ie. hiking treks, zip lining, bungee jumping, paragliding, snorkeling/scuba tours, and even invest in a new camera or go pro before your trip begins.

I know this post was obvious, but it’s a friendly reminder to do the math before you book a place to stay as it can catch you off guard when booking a trip.

Next up I’ll be writing about how to pack as little as possible


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