How to Get to Waimano Falls in Oahu

To get to the  Waimano Falls Trailhead enter this address into Google Maps or your GPS: 2566-2572 Komo Mai Dr, Pearl City, Oahu, HI 96782


How long is Waimano Falls hike?

Total time for hike is 3-4 hours (1 hour in and 1 hour out + relaxing time at falls)

Here is the street on the trailhead where you park


This hike is a novice hike and best to be done on a sunny day with rain in the previous week. Why rain you ask? Well because with rain, the waterfall at the end will really look like a waterfall.  In addition, the third pool will be deep enough to jump in from the rope swings or cliff edge. The trail starts off very easy with a well maintained path then you veer to the right and down ‘Cardiac Hill’ to the falls. Once you start the descent, you will be faced with climbing and stepping over large roots and rocks. Overall, if you are in Oahu for a short trip I would recommend other hikes over Waimano Falls. If you are in Oahu for a longer vacation, then for sure take a half of day trip to the falls.

Entrance into the hike for Manana Ridge and Waimano Falls
You’ll walk past this water tower at the beginning

There are some sections that are steeper and you can use the rope attached to the trees. It can be extremely slippery when it has rained so please use caution.

waimano 1-22
At this section take a right and start down ‘cardiac hill’


Right before you go down you will see a hiking sign path, this goes up and continues to Mañana Ridge, which has some beautiful look out points. Waimano Falls hike continues down to the right of this sign. (Remember: to access the falls you will need to go down on the way there)

Once you are down Cardiac Hill, you will be faced with a fork in the path. From here take a left! At this point you are about 3/4 of the way there.

From this section of the path you will see some of the ropes tied up, ready to help you. I always use caution when using the ropes, however, as they all have different strength and ware.

From here you can go to the right to the bottom of the third pool and relax or go to the left side which is the top of the Waimano pools where the ‘big’ waterfall is located. You have to rappel down using a thin rope approximately 8ft. Again use caution with the rope and do not fully trust it to keep your full body weight.


At the top you can access the rope swing into the third pool! Remember it is not deep so expect to hit the bottom and land in the water accordingly.

Do not dive in! Also use caution as the pool is only 6-7 ft deep at it’s deepest

Overall, the Waimano Falls hike was enjoyable and unique to Oahu but I rather go to the Haiku Stairs (read details here), Crouching Lion (read detail here), or Dead Man’s Catwalk (read details here)

Chillin in my Saxx at the 2nd mini pool

Quick Tips for Waimano Falls Hike:

Pack plenty of water and save some for the way back up as this is the most difficult part

Pack a lunch to eat down at the falls

Do not dive into the pools as they are extremely shallow

Jumping in the third pool from the cliffs is not recommended as you will hit the bottom. The deepest section is close to the waterfall.

When using the rope swing from the last waterfall make sure you let go, and jump in! Don’t swing back and forth (seems obvious, but we almost saw a girl hit her head on the rocks).



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