How to Pack to Make the Most of your Travels

First things first, make a packing list

keep a packing list so that each time you travel, you have something to refer to. Once you think you’re done thinking of all the possible things you could need, get someone to review it and see if they can come up with anything you didn’t think of. Each time you travel, go back to your list and edit it by removing what you didn’t need and what you wish you had brought.

Pack Basics

Pack neutral coloured clothes that will match with each other. By packing this way, you’ll be able to generate more outfits with the same pieces. Pack tank tops, shirts, shorts, and pants that are basic and don’t have a ton of patterns or prints, that way, you can get away with being photographed in the same clothes repeatedly without a busy patterned clothing item being a focal point in the photo. Pack a trusted comfy pair of sneakers! Especially if you’re going to be walking a lot, comfort is key and if your goal is going on adventures and exploring, you don’t want to be held back by your shoes and clothing so keep it casual.

Bring a journal

Each night before you go to bed, write about what you did, what you ate, what you saw and what you felt and be specific! Now, you might be a photographer at heart, and it’s much easier to snap a picture than it is sit down and write out your thoughts but keeping a travel journal is one of the best ways to remember your travels and it’s my favourite way to relive the experiences I’ve had. Besides, you can always do both!

Pack Light

Trust me, I know from experience, bringing too much stuff is probably worse than not bringing enough, because chances are if you really need something, you can but it at your destination. When Chase and I went backpacking and camping in Hawaii, I stuffed my backpack with as much as possible, only to realize that it was way to heavy for me to carry around and it exhausted me. The worst part is that all the stuff I carried around the whole time, I didn’t even end up using half of it.

Lets say you’re going somewhere moderately warm for 7 days, start by packing 1 of each item, for example: 1 shirt, 1 tank top, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 1 dress, 1 sweater and create potential outfits with those items. Then add in whatever is needed to create more versatility and maximize outfit options.

You can also pack less clothes by doing your laundry in the bathtub or sink of the hotel/hostel with some soap. This is key when you’re backpacking or travelling for a long time.

Pack strategically

by rolling your clothes, you will save space and keep clothing from becoming wrinkled. Tuck smaller items into larger items, for example put socks into your shoes. Use packing cubes to keep organized. Bring a bag to keep dirty laundry separate from your clean clothing. Weigh your bag before you leave and make sure you’re not over the weight limit.

Plan for the worst case scenario

Pack a change of clothes including underwear just in case your bag doesn’t come on time or gets lost. Don’t bring anything extremely valuable or sentimental that would routine your trip if it got lost or stolen. Always keep some form of identification and cash on you, just in case important documents or your wallet get lost or stolen.

Pack in advance

It doesn’t hurt to be keen and pack what you know you’re going to need a few days in advance. That way if you need anything you still have time go pick it up at the store. Packing in advance also gives you the time to rethink what you’re packing.

If you have any travels tips and tricks leave them in a comment below!

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