“Plan my adventure trip please, but…”

“Plan my adventure trip… but help, I don’t know where I want to go”


Shocking… This is a question that is brought up quite often. That is why I recommend planning a trip well in advance (5 to 12 months), because over that course of waiting for your trip to come up refinement happens! You’ll add/eliminate different ‘must sees/must dos’ before the trip. The best way to identify where you want to go is to first answer these questions below:


  1. What is your intention of the trip?
    1. To camp?
    2. To hike?
    3. To relax?
    4. To surf?
    5. To fish?
    6. To explore many locations?
    7. To interact with locals and learn about different cultures?
    8. To take the greatest photos! Click here to see how to take incredible vacation photos.
      1. Of what?
      2. Landscapes? People? Architecture? What theme are you going for?
    9. To be warm?
    10. To learn a new skill?
    11. To distress?
      1. How do you eliminate stress?
        1. Exercise?
        2. Partying?
        3. Taking on a new challenge?


Do you see how with just one question, it leads to different layers of questions? That is exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Start with just one question, once that is answered and you’re happy with your intention, then here are some steps to help solidify your trip!

Okay let’s say for example your intention is to go on adventure. Now do you want it to be on the beaten path or off the beaten path? In other words do you know people personally who have explored some areas you’re interested in? Or did you read a National Geographic article/magazine and found some incredible location that is accessible but not overdone?

Start with your networks and see if anyone has gone to that adventure location and from there you can save a significant amount of time to see what they loved/liked/disliked. It’s not that you’re going to do the exact same trip because hey people like different things and it’s a solid place to start. Chances are they have websites and have met others who have gone to that area. This step seems awfully simple, but don’t let the simple things get overlooked. They are an important part of the process.

Next to be discussed a sample of how to book a trip on your own!

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