Simple Ways to Save Money and Travel

Make a budget

Know how much money you make, and how much money your spending, but more importantly, what you’re spending your money on. Being aware of how much money you are actually shelling out every month vs how much money your getting every pay cheque is the first step in taking control of your spending habits and setting yourself up to save. You might feel like you don’t spend much day to day; a coffee here, a dinner there, but what you’re spending monthly and yearly especially on things that are impulsive or convenient can be really eye-opening. Plan in advance how much money you should spend on rent, food, fun, emergencies etc. and set aside money to save each pay cheque so you can slowly chip away at your goal to travel!

Live like a minimalist

Get rid of things that you don’t need. If you haven’t used it in a year, worn it in a year or seen it in a year, you probably won’t miss it (especially as much as you’d miss out on not traveling). Have a yard sale, sell your old clothes to a used clothing store, sell items online, to friends, etc. Whatever the method, try to eliminate all the things that you have been holding on to for no good reason that might have more value than you realize to someone else! Not only will you feel more light, free and have more space but you’ll start to accumulate some money to fund trips that will add much more value to your life.

Stop Grabbing on the Go- Do it yourself!

Coffee, lunch, snacks, dinner etc. Everything is cheaper if you plan ahead, cook for yourself, pack snacks, lunches and dinners, and make your own coffee.20$, 30$, 40$ here and there for lunch, dinner, drinks, snacks adds up really fast. It also tends to be healthier for you and should keep you from making poor food choices based on extreme hunger and cravings. Visit the recipes page on our website to browse through tons of healthy vegan meal ideas. 

Cut out dairy, meat and eggs

These are the most expensive items in your grocery list. By cutting them out and eating more plants food, you will be able to save a ton of money. Not to mention, it’s the best thing for the animals, your health, and the earth too. Potatoes, beans, rice and in season fruits and veggies are your best friend! (for your health and for your pocket)


If traveling is really important to you and you realize you have a tight budget, you might want to stop spending money on other things that are not a priority of yours in order to accumulate money for travel. For example, go shopping for new clothing less, go out for dinners and drinks less, instead invite some friends over and have a movie night, pizza night or fondue- something really fun and different but also way less expensive. These kinds of activities also allow for more bonding and connecting. So this doesn’t mean you can’t have a social life or that you have to make huge sacrifices. Once you start to spend your time differently, you’ll realize quickly how expensive dining out and getting drinks is (especially if you’re doing it multiple times a week), and how little it does for you. See blog post here for fun things to do that are also inexpensive.

Here are some ideas that are a great, unique way to have fun, but also happen to be budget friendly:

Inexpensive ways to have fun

check out a local market

have some friends over for a movie night and get each friend to bring a different snack for everyone to share (salsa, chips, popcorn, liquorice, cookies etc.)

go to a yoga walk in class

bake something for a friend

have some friends over and paint together

Go on a hike

Check out a nearby park

Go to the beach

Beach comb

Pick up your camera and discover things through your lens

Facetime a friend

volunteer at a place where you can learn something

go to an outdoor movie in the park

plant a garden

Go on a bike ride 

learn a new recipe

have friends over for some coffee and tea

Rent a book from the library

go to a museum and check out an exhibit that intrigues you

Have friends over to make homemade pizzas and get everyone to bring one ingredient for the pizzas (dough, tomato sauce, peppers, mushroom, olives, onion, tomato, etc.)

go on a walk, run, jog etc with a group of friends

explore a new area near your neighbourhood

If you have any great tips or tricks on how to save and afford travel leave them down below!


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