Tent Ridge Kananaskis Hike – Alberta Hiking Series

Tent Ridge Hike Alberta: Completed on August 1, 2016

Tent Ridge Hike Alberta Kananasksis
Chase walking along one of the funnest ridges during the 5hr Tent Ridge Hike!

[Click here for trailhead]

Kananasksis has some of the most beautiful backcountry in Alberta and in Canada. If you’re looking for an easy to moderate hike with some serious views of those beautiful mountain ridges, then Tent Ridge Hike is your hike for this weekend! Tent Ridge elevation is 615m and the total loop can be rounded up to 11km loop hike. The hike will take you around 4-6 hours depending on your pace and your experience and if you are a photographer or not. Exposure is pretty minimal, but as always you will need to take caution on loose rock.  

Kananaskis Highway

Just a little preview of what to expect! For Tent Ridge Kananaksis Hike

Coming from Calgary, getting to the trailhead will take you approximately 2 hours. Drive to Canmore then take the 742  Spray Lakes Rd for 40km which will take you an hour. Once you see the turn off for Mt Engadine Lodge located on the right, turn there and continue for 1.7km. After a few twists and turns you will see a green sign on the left hand side and a makeshift parking lot on the right. Park here if you are going to do the trail clockwise, which we recommend. If you would like to do the trail counterclockwise you can continue down the road a few hundred metres further where you will see an old logging road which is the start of the trail heading counterclockwise or the finish if you head clockwise.

The hike is pretty well marked with pink ribbons attached to the tree branches as well as clear paths with some bush overgrowth in a few sections.

Recommended Gear: Hiking boots with ankle support, day pack, bear spray one per person, 4-6L of water, high carb snacks, fruits/veggies, cell phone, warm jacket as the summit is very windy

Camera Gear: General purpose lens 24-105mm, telephoto lens 70-200/300, sturdy tripod, 2-3 batteries, soft grad filters 0.6/0.9


After the first 3km heading clockwise you will have expansive views of Spray Lakes, Shark Lake, Commonwealth Lake, Kananasksis valleys and rivers. Shortly after you will be able to see the very tip of Mount Assiniboine to the West. This section is easy for an experienced hiker, but it involves a bit of scrambling. Just to note: there’s a bit of scrambling throughout the hike, but only in short sections.



A bit windy up here but the sun felt amazing
After about 3km into the hike you get the view!

We stayed in the backcountry here so we saw the light here during dusk and also during the sunrise. For photography opportunities, I would suggest hiking in the early morning as this is a popular trail. If you have the gear and permits, it’s a fun place to camp out but ensure you take the proper precautions for gear, food supplies and extra water. It is significantly colder up here so ensure your tent is an all season one.

Tent Ridge Sunset
Tent Ridge Sunset
Spray Lakes down below during sunset
Jenni looking at the jagged Rocky Mountain Landscape

Enjoy the photos of the hike below here and get some inspiration for this fun hike in Kananaksis. Tent Ridge Hike in Kananaksis is definitely worth doing! Please ensure you bring bear spray, and are in larger groups.

Good Morning Beautiful Kananaskis
Those morning light beams!
Looking back at the pseudo summit where we slept. This is the horseshoe ridge of Tent Ridge
Hard work pays off! We sat here before we descended down the mountain

Let us know if you do the hike and what section was your favourite! Due to the elevation, I would say this hike could be done late May to the last week of September, we hiked Tent Ridge early August.

Chase and Jenni

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