Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Weight Longterm


First thing in the morning, drink at least 500ml of water to start your day. Hydrating first thing in the morning will wake you up and make you more alert. Challenge yourself to drink as much water as possible through out the day. It’s so important to help your body thrive and maintain proper functioning. If you want to step up your hydration further, cut out things like coffee, alcohol and high-sodium foods. Proper hydration also fuels proper elimination which is extremely important to help you detoxify your body and maintain a healthy weight.

Limit salt and oil

Salt dehydrates the body, makes you feel bloated and puffy because it causes the body to retain water. It can make you breakout, and have dark circles under your eyes because of it’s dehydrating effects as well, so it’s really important to keep sodium intake at a minimum. Oil is 80-90% fat, so if you’re try to maintain a lean figure or if you’re concerned about your heart health, it’s really important to limit your oil intake and avoid it where you can. I am not saying cut oil out completely, but definitely start to pay attention to how many packaged foods have oil in the first chunk of the ingredients list. Fatty oils go straight to the blood and can cause issues like atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries from a build up of fat that causes plaque which prevent oxygen rich blood from getting where it needs to go- such as your heart and brain). The more you can reduce your salt and oil intake, the easier it will be to feel light and lean. Also, if you have ever struggled with skin issues, reducing these two ingredients can be a came changer.

Cut out processed junk

Count chemicals not calories! When you eat whole foods- foods that are fresh and alive, you will feel fresh and alive. It really is that simple. When you eat processed foods that are full of chemicals, this can effect all sorts of things like your mood, energy levels, hormone levels, ability to absorb nutrients etc. The more you can eat things that don’t come with a nutritional facts label because it only has one ingredient and comes straight from a farm (whole foods) the more you will find it’s effortless to be lean and healthy.

Avoid restricting and counting calories

Say it with me: counting and reducing calorie intake is not the key to weight loss. This is the biggest myth and it is the main advice every single diet out there will tell you. The thing about diets is that they are not designed to last longterm, they help you lose weight fast for a short amount of time, because they starve you and starvation is obviously not sustainable. reducing calorie intake will only make you binge later. When you starve the body, it goes into fat storage mode, it thinks that you’re in the middle of a famine and that food is scarce so it should hold onto whatever it can to sustain itself. Once you start eating normal again, it will feel so good for your body to be nourished that it will make up for the fact that you starved it originally and you’ll end up over eating on top of the damage you did to your metabolism from confusing your body and starving it. So it’s very simple- forget every diet book and magazine you’ve ever read because your goal is not short term weight loss from starvation and cutting calories, your goal is to be happy, healthy and lean long term- so eat good quality fresh, healing whole foods when you’re hungry until you’re satisfied. The best part about this is you can eat as much fruits and vegetables as you want until you’re full. Don’t count them, don’t worry about what you used to eat or what people say. This is the key to helping your body thrive for life.

Treat yourself

Just because you’re following a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. If you have a craving for cashew ice cream, brownies, cookies, grilled cheese etc. go for it! As long as it’s plant based, and you’re eating the best food for your body the majority of the time, having a treat and indulging here or there is nothing to worry about! It’s important to reward yourself with your favourite foods even if they are higher fat, if you want to stay lean just don’t consume them on a frequent basis. Deprivation is not the key to longterm weight loss and happiness. The best advice I can give about treating yourself if you’re in the mood for a treat is to try to make it yourself and make it healthy. I have a ton of recipes that you can browse through for plant based healthier alternatives to what you would buy from a store. 

Get moving

This is so important! You don’t have to be at the gym 7 days a week for 2 hours a day to get good results. As long as you get your heart rate up, get sweaty and get your lymphatic system working for at least 30 minutes a day you’re golden. Here are some ideas to get your body moving:

attend a regular or hot yoga class- stretching as your sweating will help amplifying the detoxification process
go on a bike ride- this is the a good low-impact way to exercise for just about anyone!
uphill walk- walking in general is a great start, but going uphill will help you sweat more
light jog-  going on a light jog for 20-30 minutes is a great because you don’t need anything but some comfy clothes and runners

Don’t avoid whole food carbs

Potatoes, rice, pasta and fruit have all been demonized as foods that will make you gain weight, when in fact they contain around 0-1 g of fat per 100 g. Meanwhile, oils contain 100g of fat per 100g. They are pure liquid fat isolated and extracted from the food. If you are consuming pure fat, you will gain fat. Meanwhile, the carbs listed below that everyone is told to avoid eating too much of because they will cause weight gain are not only low in fat and sodium, but they contain asbolutely no cholesterol and are full of nutrients. Carbs from whole foods do not make you fat.

grams of fat per 100 grams

potatoes 0.1

rice 0.3

pasta 1

banana 0.3

apple 0.2

mango 0.4

watermelon 0.2

Eat Vegan- Eat unlimited fruits and vegetables!

If you are trying to be lean and healthy, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to eat plant based and eliminate all animal products from your diet. Animal products slow down your elimination process, they are more taxing on the body and require more effort and energy to breakdown and you don’t absorb the nutrients as well as you would from a plant food. Most importantly, they make your body acidic and a body in an acidic state fuels disease- where as plant foods make your body alkaline- which heal the body and promote detoxification and protect the body of disease. Another important thing to note is that these animals are not reared in pleasant conditions. They are often, if not always, anxious, stressed out, in distress, suffering, and they are secreting the hormones that go along with these feelings, such as cortisol. They’re far from thriving, and their bodies are under immense stress constantly which fuels disease in their bodies, and then we go an eat them? That can’t be healthy. People are eating dead, decaying flesh that belonged to a sick and suffering animal and they wonder why so many people are sick around them.

Down below is a list of animal products to compare to the list above

grams of fat per 100 grams


14 g of fat

88 mg of cholesterol


11 g of fat

373 mg of cholesterol


33 g of fat

105 mg of cholesterol


15 g of fat

90 mg of cholesterol


14 g of fat

80 mg og cholesterol

So you’ll notice I listed both fat and cholesterol, I did that on purpose because cholesterol only comes into our bodies through eating animal products. If what you’re eating has more than 0mg of cholesterol in it, don’t eat it. Your body makes it own “good” cholesterol, anything that you consume that contain cholesterol is bad cholesterol and can contribute to a whole host of health issues.

Get into a routine

Try to wake up at the same time every day and eat your main meals around the same times every day. For example, I try to wake up every day at 9am, eat breakfast before 10, lunch around 12, snack at 3, dinner between 5-6, have a snack at 9, and be in bed by 11:30-12. Setting your body into a routine is great because it starts to work in a cycle and it knows what to expect. You effortlessly will wake up in the morning energized and fall asleep at night tired. You won’t be overeating due to lack of energy or eating bad things impulsively because you have a plan!

Most importantly..

Love yourself and be patient. Good health takes time!

If you have any questions, tips or tricks of your own, leave them down below!:)

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    1. Hey Ellie,

      I love to use a whole avocado mashed with some diced onion and a bit of lemon juice. If you want to make it a fat-free dressing though, you can add things like fruit juices, vinegars or vegetable broth. I like to add orange juice, apple cider or balsamic vinegar depending on the salad.

      Hope this helps!

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