Update – Dead Man’s Catwalk Closed and Iconic Concrete Slab Removed


The quick 40 minute (illegal) hike to Dead Man’s Catwalk is no more. The social media famous, Dead Man’s Catwalk concrete slab was recently removed by the Department of Hawaiian Homeland for $48,000. The views at the top will always be amazing, with or without the slab. It is unfortunate that this neighborhood could not see the opportunity for a community park or pathway to take in the views, rather than undeveloped private property. It’s a common misconception that people are there to vandalize the area or cause disturbances in the neighborhood. The only thing that is and ever was spray painted was the ~15ft concrete slab. I have seen families and locals do the hike up here just for physical fitness, bonding, and appreciation of nature. Its proximity to Honolulu allows for a quick morning hike and then for you to go on about your day. The removal of the Dead Man’s Catwalk concrete slab is without a doubt a disappointment. The Dead Man’s Catwalk, previously known as Kamehame Ridge will be missed! The slab was removed 1.5 months ago around the beginning of February 2016.

An alternative hike that is close to the Dead Man’s Catwalk is the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail or Makapuu Lookout hike. The Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail hike is a mouthful, but it offers similar South/East ocean views as the Dead Man’s Catwalk and it’s legal! This is a very easy hike with some elevation gain and on a paved trail.

The trailhead for the Makapu’u Lookout is located at Waimanalo, HI 96795. I recommend doing this hike early as it gets fairly busy and it’s always nice to have some solitude on a hike.

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