When to Travel to Iceland and Why

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When is the absolute very best time to travel to Iceland? I’m going to ask you a question, what do you want to see and what do you want to do?


My first trip to Iceland was nearly 2 years ago in late March to early April 2015. Since then, I’ve been wanting (DYING) to go back. I have been to 25 countries and this is one that has continued to be top of mind. We tend to think traveling is now some sort of competition or that you need ‘x’ amount of countries under your belt to be an established travel authority. Although I do think that traveling to a lot of countries has some weighting, the true weighting is from the quality of experience and understanding of these countries.

Iceland tourism is absolutely booming and it’s largely due to the incredible photos seen on social media as well as the new airline arrangements whether that is Iceland Air, WOW Air or even Air Canada coming later on in 2017.


To say Iceland is a picturesque place would be a huge understatement. Due to Iceland being situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Icelandic geography is otherworldly, wacky, bizarre, incredible, mysterious, and breathtaking. Iceland has every form of geographical wonder imaginable, including 30 active volcanoes and 100 inactive volcanoes, geysers, glaciers and glacial caves, random countryside thermal hot springs, mountains, craters, moss covered lava fields, oceanic rock formations, glacial lakes, infinite ocean cliffs, continental divides, glacial river run offs, black sand beaches, and of course waterfalls.

Here are a list of awesome experiences for you trip to Iceland and I hope to help you determine when you want to go!

  • Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) – Late September to mid April when the sky is the darkest
  • Waterfalls – Year Round! March to October is ideal as it depends on driving conditions in the winter, West and North Iceland can be difficult to access
  • Iceland Highlands – June/July/August/September are your best bet. Roads are closed during the winter/fall/spring seasons
  • Icelandic Horses – Year Round! The little Icelandic horses are everywhere just respect the farmer’s land 
  • Thermal Hot Springs – Year Round! We enjoyed them in April, they are year round and it only depends on road access
  • The Icelandic Purple Flowers or Lupine – The best time to see these flowers is in the early summer from May, June to mid July
  • Jökulsárlón and Black Sand Beach – Year Round – We got skunked at Jökulsárlón because it was snowing like crazy and it covered all of the glacial icebergs, but the black sand beach is Year Round! 
  • Glacial Ice Caves – YEAR Round! There are plenty of options depending on which glacier you want to explore

Overall, there is no BEST time to visit Iceland, because anytime you get to go experience this place, it will be incredible. The only piece of advice that should stick with you is what is the main thing you want to see, in what time frame and how far from the cities do you want to go.

The roads can be absolutely treacherous in the Fall/Winter/Spring so take that into consideration for how far and how fast you can go. The speed limit is only 90km/hr and they have photo radar cameras all around the ring road

Comment below and let us know when you are planning to go and what you want to experience!

When to Go to Iceland



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