Where to Eat Vegan in LA: The Springs

The first thing we have to say about this place is the that as soon as you walk in you can feel an incredible energy. The decor is beautifully simple and earthy featuring plants and crystals, the staff is incredibly friendly and sweet and the atmosphere is so light and airy making it such a serene and inspiring environment to be in. This is a must visit whether you’re vegan or not, but if you are vegan, you are extra obligated to go and check it out! Note: The Entire menu is not vegan, however the vast majority of meals are vegan so there are a ton of options to choose from.

The Springs-3

We started our meals with a refreshing and light green juice which was made from honeydew, pineapple, lime and coconut water. All of their juices are organic and cold-pressed.

The Springs-9

The Springs-13

Next we both sampled the LA phil + : yuba/roasted shitake/caramelized onions/ scallion mayo/romaine/pickled jalapeños/fondue/whole wheat tortilla. It was amazingly good. For all you non-vegans out there, you totally could not tell this wrap was vegan. It was so creamy and delicious, with similar flavour and texture to a shawarma. Their dishes offer such a rich variety of ingredients so it is really hard to choose just one, so if you’re having trouble deciding what to order, I would definitely recommend this wrap to anyone visiting for the first time!

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The Springs-12

Next up was the la suprema: romaine/walnut chili/coconut crema/corn/avocado/carrot-habañero hot sauce/pickled jalapeño/home-made tortillas. If you like tacos (who doesn’t) you’ll like this salad. The ground walnut chili was to die for. It is quite spicy though so if you are sensitive to spice order it without the carrot-habañero hot sauce and picked jalapeño.

The Springs-21

For desert Chase ordered the double chocolate mint ice cream sandwich and I ordered the seasonal sorbet.

The Springs-22

Fresh mint, chocolate, healthy vegan ice cream… what more is there that you could ask for in a desert?

The Springs-19

The seasonal sorbet they offer is actually the juice that they cold-press and add to ice so it is incredibly healthy and packed with a ton of unique flavour and sometimes spice. Pictured here in orange is the firefly: apple/turmeric/ginger, in white fireside: apple/ginger/lemon/thyme and in red is the bug bite: strawberry/apple/ orange/lemon. The sorbet was so refreshing and the perfect desert for when you’re so full but still want a little something sweet.

The Springs-24

The Springs-25

Not only does The Springs restaurant offer you unique vegan dishes that aren’t super easy to replicate at home, but it is also an amazing hangout spot. The venue is massive and they hold a host of activities including yoga, meditation, workshops and amazing healing services there. Tolearn more about what they have to offer, visit their website at: http://www.thespringsla.com

The Springs-32

The Yoga Studio

The Springs-34

The Springs-35

Crystals, Sage, Essential oils and jewelry for sale

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The Springs-4

The Springs-2

The Springs-8

The Springs-36

The Springs-37

The Springs-1

We love to here from you! Let us know your favourite vegan spot in LA in the comments below:)

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