What to do in New York: How to Rent a Citi Bike in NYC $12/day

When you’re going to New York you are going to need some comfy shoes. Expect to walk over 25km or 15.5 miles per day; that is if you are getting out and properly exploring the town. When we say ‘properly’ that means going to wherever your eyes may take you beyond your Air BnB room! We highly recommend wandering in a place like NYC, but when wandering becomes painful… an alternative is to bike!


You will without question, notice the large amount of locals and tourists using the bright blue Citi Bikes. Jen and I were first hesitant to use these bikes, but with some help of some maps, the Citi Bikes app and some trial and error we got it down pat. It’s only $12/day or $25/3 days (Approximately $16 Canadian/day or $33/3 days). This is to become a short term member; from here the bikes are free for the first 30 minutes and then $4/15 minutes over. So it’s very affordable, but you are limited for the amount of distance you can cover. What we did was plan a quick route using the maps below, bike to a certain location then dock the bikes and eat breakfast/lunch/dinner or go play mini golf and then get another bike and let the clock reset!

Where to rent a bike in NYC? Anywhere you see a Citi Bike docking area! As you can see each dot represents a pick up and drop off location… so it isn’t hard to find one of these Citi Bikes. It is extremely convenient because you can drop it off in any location and lock it into the docking station.



How to rent a bike in NYC in 10 Simple Steps:

  1. Download the Citi Bike App from the App Store (do this prior to your trip to be prepared)Citi Bike App New York City
  2. Scroll down and register your name and Credit Card info (don’t lose the bike it can be very costly!)
  3. Walk to the Citi Bike racks where there are some bikes availableHow to use Citi Bike Rentals NYC
  4. Open the app and click on the bike bubble and click unlock a bike New York Citi Bikes - Where to rent bikes NYC
  5. From here it will detect that you are at the specific bike rack and give you a code of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s
  6. Enter that code, at any available bike and it will beep each time you hit a number
  7. The code will expire quickly so unlock the bike when you’re ready
  8. Set your own timer on your phone to 25 minutes so you can have 5 minutes warning to dock your bike before being charged the addition $4/15 minutes
  9. Use the map from www.nycbikemaps.com to find out where the bike lanes start and end img_4251
  10. img_4252

    A closeup version of the live map from www.nycbikemaps.com!
  11. Be careful and bring a helmet if you can, NYC is extremely bike friendly, but accidents do happen

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We biked everywhere including biking over the Brooklyn Bridge at night during a fireworks celebration on Jen’s birthday (I wish I had planned this!) then from Central Park down to Pier 25 for a Mini Golf date. Read about mini golf here and see who won


Citi Bike in NYC


Let us know what awesome spot you took the New York City Citi Bikes


Chase and Jenni

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